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Serving Hillside Pets
Since 1955

Pet Dental Care for Health & Long Life - caring for pets in Hillside, Westchester & Elmhurst IL

pet's teeth cleaning

Dental issues are a primary cause of pain and disease in dogs and cats. dental provides oral health exams, dental services, and professional teeth cleaning for your pets.

Preventing Disease & Extending Life

A significant area of pet health is dental care. Serious diseases that develop from poor oral hygiene include heart, kidney, and liver changes, which have an impact on overall pet health and longevity.

Our veterinarians include dental care as an important part of wellness and preventive planning. At each wellness visit, we perform a general exam of your pet’s teeth and mouth, and make recommendations for appropriate dental care.

Pet Safety & Comfort: Our Priority

We offer the finest technology in diagnostics and dental services: intra-oral dental X -rays for precision and detail; modern veterinary dental advancements such as ultrasonic tooth scaling and oral laser surgery; and veterinarians and staff skilled and experienced in pet oral and dental care.

Our complete pet dental exam and teeth cleaning requires anesthetizing the patient for safety and comfort. During this procedure, we employ the same techniques and protocols as other veterinary surgeries. Our gentle, compassionate approach includes pain management as needed for any major dental work, such as tooth extractions. Your pet’s comfort and safety is our first priority in any dental service.

Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your pet’s teeth is a two-part process:

  1. Professional cleaning
    Yearly dental cleaning removes plaque and cleans beneath the gums, the best way to prevent tooth loss, tooth decay, and mouth sores. Teeth cleaning can also decrease the harmful bacteria that live in your pet’s mouth, which can enter the bloodstream and damage the heart, liver, and lungs.
  2. Regular home care routine
    Home dental care includes brushing your pet’s teeth and providing food and treats that maintain the condition of teeth after a professional cleaning.

Just like grooming your pet, home care and professional services go hand in hand. The more effective you become at home care and maintenance, the fewer extensive professional services are required.

Aging can affect the need for services: some senior pets eat a soft food diet, increasing the need for professional cleaning. Rest assured, our veterinarians address every pet’s unique needs and create the right plan for you and your pet.

What to Expect

If you wonder what to expect regarding pet dental care, we invite you to enjoy these videos:

  • Pet Teeth Brushing
    See the progression of dental disease and learn techniques for brushing your pet’s teeth; while the subject of this video is a cat, this information is applicable for all cats and dogs.
  • Pet Dental Cleaning
    View a pet’s dental cleaning under anesthesia and learn techniques for brushing teeth; while the subject of this video is a dog, this information is applicable for all cats and dogs.

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