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Serving Hillside Pets
Since 1955

In-House Pet Pharmacy: Safe Medications, Products & Prescription Diets for pets in Hillside, Elmhurst & Westchester IL

Veterinary Drugs

Hillchester Animal Hospital offers an in-house veterinary pharmacy for patient safety and your convenience.

Pet Medication From Our Pharmacy

When your pet is sick, you need a veterinarian who understands your needs. We stock the safest and most effective veterinary drugs in the animal health care field, so you can begin treating your pet’s condition immediately.

From pain management after surgery to long-term care for chronic illness, sick pets need never suffer. Our medication planning is designed to provide relief, heal illness, and offer the convenience of immediate access.

We invite you to ask questions about your pet’s medications regarding issues such as dosing, tips for administering meds, and any risks. Our team is always here to guide you.

Pet Care Products & Prescription Diets

Our pharmacy carries a variety of health care products for the special needs of your dog or cat. Flea and tick treatments and preventives, intestinal parasite control, and skin care are some of the items you might request from our pharmacy. Our veterinarians and staff are always available to help you choose the proper treatments and products to keep your companions healthy and comfortable.

While all pets need a balanced diet, some may require special food for proper growth and ongoing health. Pets may be prescribed a special diet for allergies to certain food products or for support with a medical issue. Senior pets can have special dietary requirements as well. Obesity, urinary problems, and skin and coat issues are some of the medical concerns addressed by prescription diets.

Our trained staff is available to provide the proper diet and nutritional supplements for your pets. Proper nutritional support helps keep your dogs and cats happy, healthy, and active at every stage of life.

Learn More Online

The Pet Health Center at WebMD offers helpful information on a variety of pet dietary issues from obesity to feeding problems: