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Serving Hillside Pets
Since 1955

Personal Attention & Custom Care for Adult & Senior Pets


Hillchester Animal Hospital provides positive Pet Wellness & Preventive Care, Sick Care, including modern Veterinary Surgery, for adult dogs and cats. From the first birthday through the golden years, we care for your pet with regular exams, preventive care, Pet Dental Care, nutritional support, diagnostic testing designed to catch developing problems early, and veterinary treatment for acute and chronic diseases.

Pet Vaccination & Wellness Care

The Hillchester team is dedicated to a long, healthy life for our pet patients. Wellness care includes a comprehensive physical exam, dental care, parasite testing, nutritional guidelines and recommendations, a customized vaccination program, and diagnostic testing for all stages of life.

We recommend the following to keep your adult and senior pets healthy:

  • Veterinary exams
    At least once a year for healthy adults, and twice a year for healthy seniors or pets with compromised immune systems
  • Diagnostic testing
    Annual testing for parasites and blood work help us discover health problems at the earliest stages when treatment is most effective
  • Vaccinations
    Annual boosters against contagious and deadly diseases
  • Parasite prevention
    Annual testing for internal parasites and effective flea and tick management
  • Spay or neuter
    For extraordinary health benefits and a happier household companion
  • Nutrition
    Evaluate dietary needs annually and adjust for weight changes and health concerns
  • Exercise
    Adult and aging pets require a proper exercise plan, adjusted to meet changing needs

Preventive Care Plans

Browse our selection of plans designed for your canine and feline companions by downloading the Wellness Plan Brochure below; then, choose the plan that works for you.

Wellness Plan Brochure (PDF)

Contact us to discuss the benefits of enrolling your special pet in a Preventive Care Plan.

Learn why vaccines are important for healthy pets.

End-of-Life Care

Our veterinarians provide full care across your pet’s entire lifespan, and will be here should you ever have to make a decision regarding the life of an animal. Letting go is never easy, but we can help you determine the combination of home care, in-hospital care, euthanasia, or other options that will be best for your pet and your family.

We Support Pet Adoption

Congratulations on adopting an adult pet that needs a loving home!

Bring in your newly adopted pet for a free head-to-tail exam. We can also discuss how to take great care of your newly adopted dog or cat, and answer any questions you might have about nutrition, behavior, and veterinary care. Simply download this certificate and bring it to your first appointment:Free First Exam Certificate

Learn More Online

The Pet Health Center at WebMD offers information, slideshows, and videos on the subject of pet health care, including the following:

View this video to learn about spaying and neutering pets.

The American Veterinary Medical Association offers guidance when caring for senior pets.