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Serving Hillside Pets
Since 1955

Warm & Personal Pet Health Care

Calico Cat

Hillchester Animal Hospital is dedicated to pet health care! We are trained to keep your dogs and cats healthy and vigorous, for a long, happy life with you and your family.

Pet Health Focuses on Disease Prevention

Preventing disease is the first step in raising a healthy, happy pet. Dogs and cats enjoy a relationship with you built on trust, affection, devotion, and fun. This rewarding bond between pets and their owners is easier to build and maintain when your companion is free from the discomfort and distraction of preventable diseases or conditions.

Preventive care can improve your pet’s quality of life and help add more healthy years. It is essential for detecting diseases early on, before they become more serious—and more expensive.

Pet Vaccination & Wellness Care

The Hillchester team is dedicated to a long, healthy life for our pet patients. Wellness care includes a comprehensive physical exam, dental care, parasite testing, nutritional guidelines and recommendations, vaccination program, and diagnostic testing for all stages of life.

Regular preventive care is essential for continued health. We offer wellness plans to save you money on the total cost of recommended preventive care and treatments, making it simple to manage pet health care costs.

Preventive Care Plans

Our Preventive Care Plans make it easier to meet your pet’s health care needs. These plans feature comprehensive wellness services with the option of budget-friendly monthly payments.

Browse our selection of plans designed for your canine and feline companions by downloading the Wellness Plan Brochure below; then, choose the plan that works for you.

Wellness Plan Brochure (PDF)

Contact us to discuss the benefits of enrolling your special pet in a Preventive Care Plan.

We Support Pet Adoption

Adopting pets is a terrific way to add to your family, and helps prevent widespread euthanization of unwanted animals. Bring in your new puppy, kitten, or adult adopted pet for a free head-to-tail exam. During this exam, learn to take care of your new pet and receive answers to questions about nutrition, behavior, veterinary care, and more.

Congratulations on your new family member!

Learn More Online

View this video to learn about spaying and neutering pets

For a fun way to learn more about pet health, we encourage you to explore these reputable online resources.

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